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 Athletes Results

Lauren Adamov, Raleigh, NC

Margo was the perfect choice for my first Ironman. Her workouts are detailed and have taught me how to train to see maximum gains. I PR'd a 1/2 marathon (by 15 min) within only a few months of her coaching and finished half and full Ironmans pleased with my performance. I've gone into every race feeling confident and prepared both physically and mentally. Her passion for the sport and pushing the limits is infectious and constantly inspiring! She is the perfect balance of tough, flexible and approachable and has walked in our shoes and jumped on the podium many times after. I cannot recommend Margo enough!

Randy O'Connor, Charlotte, NC

What an awesome three years, Coach Go! With your wisdom and guidance at my back I've achieved more than I ever thought possible. Two full Ironmans, five half ironmans , numerous Olympics and sprints later I am a better athlete and person for having you as a driving force in my life. Strong, fast and ready with you by my side! 


Matthew O'Brient


A big shout out to my swim coach Margo Pitts. In just a few lessons she turned my swimming completely around. Something that I was unable to do on my own or with other swim coaches after a year of trying. So, a big thanks to her and I would recommend her to anyone!



James Ferguson, Durham, NC


Coach Margo has helped me grow into an inspired triathlete. Through her experience in the sport, focus on technique, and tailored workouts, Coach has taught all of us on Duke Triathlon the technical skills to succeed. Coach Margo's passion, encouragement and approachability add a special dimension to her style, which has raised my team and I to new heights in the sport. Thanks Coach, you rock.





Nathalie Gardon

Detroit Marathon

AG 55-59



Kim Blackman

Louisville Ironman


Sierra Winters

Ironman 70.3 World Championship



Kasia Ludwig-Siri

Raleigh 70. IM



Dileep Dadlani

Raleigh 70.3 IM


Colleen Cox

Boulder Ironman

AG 25-29



Nicole Van Baelen
Chattanooga 70.3 IM

Randy O’Connor
Chattanooga 70.3

Lauren Adamov
Raleigh 70. IM

Hannah Depaul
USAT Grand Rapids Half IM
3 rd place female overall

Randy O’Connor
Rev 3 Half IM
6th place M35-39

Michael Rees
Santa Rosa Ironman

Hannah Depaul
Ironman World Championship

Randy O’Connor
ITU Long Course World Championship

Juan Pablo Gonzalez Fernandez
ITU Long Course World Championship
6 th place M20-24

David Britton
ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championship

Jeff Cummings
Chattanooga Ironman

Hannah Depaul
Steelhead 70.3 IM
4 th place F30-34

Lauren Adamov
Chattanooga Ironman

Nicole Van Baelen
North Carolina 70.3 IM

Randy O’Connor
ToughMan ½ IM
1 st place M35-39

Trish Crabtree, Clayton, NC

Raleigh Chapter President of Tri It For Life


Margo is passionate about triathlon and it shows in her training.  While working with her only a short time, not only has my overall performance improved, my confidence has improved!  She's quick with encouragement and I love the frequent check-ins to see how my training group and I are doing. I'm lucky to have her as a coach but also consider her a friend.




Hannah Depaul, Dexter, Michigan


Margo Pitts has been my triathlon coach for over two years. She is not only a very knowledgeable and experienced coach, but she tailors my training program to fit my individual needs. Margo is dedicated to helping me become the best triathlete I can be and achieve my goals.  I could not have qualified for the Ironman World Championships in 2013 without Margo's guidance, motivation, and continued positive energy. I would recommend Margo Pitts to any hard working triathlete that wants to get faster and have fun doing it!




Nathalie Gardon, Michigan

I first contacted Margo Pitts because I felt lost in my training. I wanted to train smarter, improve my strength and speed and avoid injuries. I have been working with Margo now for 6 months and it all happened.  I did three races; an Olympic Triathlon, a Half-Iron Triathlon and a Marathon. I raced personal best times and exceeded my expectations in all three events. Coach Margo’s teaching and training program covered all aspects of my preparation.  This top quality process enabled me to perform at the best of my abilities.  Even though we work together at a distance, I feel that Margo is right there beside me when I train and race. 





Susan Hilbig, Durham, NC


Working with Coach Margo has enabled me to do more than simply become faster. Her coaching instills core values of pursuing goals which make me a better athlete. This includes lessons in every aspect of performance, from pre-race nutrition to injury recovery, and includes a healthy dose of team-based fun! I am continuously impressed by her ability to answer every challenge with thoughtful and personalized solutions – regardless of whether the challenge is a newbie question regarding transition, a case of race-day nerves, or an experienced runner’s pursuit of the ideal hamstring stretch. Margo makes time to listen and coach in a uniquely personal way which is undeniably winning.




Benjamin, Dean, Washington, DC


Margo and her coaching brings consistent motivation, inspiration and dedication to her athletes. From remote swim sessions to Thursday's at the track to bike FTP tests, Margo always brings a professional, motivational and no-BS attitude to her one-on-one work with me. As a result of her efforts, I was able to reach my goals of a sub 3:20 first time marathon to making national Olympic-distance championships in my first year of training. I fully recommend her coaching to any other triathletes out there as you will not be able to find such a personable, successful or dedicated coach.  





Lori Cove, Raleigh, NC


Margo provided me motivation to continue training when I didn’t feel the love for it.  She also taught me about having a mantra which is something that I still use today even for every day sorts of things.  I appreciate the opportunity that I had to work with her and improve my performance.





Claudia Gunter, Raleigh, NC


     This year I started training with coach Margo for my first 70.3 race. I was a little intimidated at the beginning because I never trained with a coach.  There was no reason to be intimidated. From the beginning, Margo showed her commitment to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals. 

     I enjoy the workouts and really like how she assigns my workouts weekly and then checks my log for feedback/results; it provides me extra motivation knowing she is going to be reviewing my results. 

     Margo is a great coach, has a great personality and is extremely 

knowledgeable.  I highly recommend her.  




Jennifer Rudolph, Raleigh, NC


Margo created the perfect plan for my first IRONMAN. With her help I was able to train and compete injury free. Training and juggling a busy family schedule was a concern for me but Margo was able to modify my plan as needed and keep me on track. Her enthusiasm and obvious love of the sport was infectious! I couldn't have done it without her!




John M. Kane, Raleigh, NC 


Margo helped me get to the next level as a triathlete through disciplined, smart training.  Her passion to help me be the best I could be coupled with her hard work and detailed planning resulted in a half ironman PR of 4:34 with a half marathon time 11 minutes faster than my past PR.  I would strongly recommend Margo to anyone who wants to be their best. 



Valerie McGlynn, Raleigh, NC


B3Triathlon with coach Margo Pitts as my coach has changed the way I train, think and perform!  With her help, I have taken my athletic pursuits to a level I never thought possible before!





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